Private Villa. Alys Beach, FL

Scope of work: conceptual design, furniture plans and specifications, order processing, and installation.

The client’s funky sense of style turned this project into a scavenger hunt. We sifted through sales items and beat back the brush for flea market finds that would bring the beach and the client’s personality to this newly constructed 5-bedroom Dungan-Nequette villa. On walks we found birds’ nests, shells, and other objects that sparked excitement for the designer-scavengers. So much of this project was about repurposing. The day we found old nautical maps for sale, we snapped them up and used them to decoupage a pair of bedside tables and a console table in the master bedroom. We took one of the client’s old sails, folded it, framed it, and hung it on the wall of a double-height staircase, a sweet heirloom, and a reminder of the family’s competitive side.
The client wanted a dining table for large family gatherings. We had one made of hard walnut, eight-feet long, beautiful, and nearly impossible to tarnish or scratch. By the table we installed a cozy banquette, and upholstered it with an outdoor fabric that would withstand even the harshest elements, like grape juice and spaghetti sauce. There would be renters, too, and we kept that in mind when we sourced the washable slipcovers and other items, like the navy upholstery, which looks great here.