Kitchen Remodel. Chapel Hill, NC

Scope of work: Complete remodel

The clients found a 3-bedroom 1950s ranch in Chapel Hill. It was their first home, a classic fixer-upper: Dark and dismal interior with a floor-plan so stilted it gave you hiccups. So our challenge was clear. Let’s let the light shine in. And, while we’re at it, let’s take the crimp out of the hose – this place needs to flow.

A dramatic transformation took place in the kitchen and dining areas when we opened the wall between the rooms and made one contiguous living area. This was a good move for a couple that loves to cook and to have company. We also raised the ceiling of the dining room and installed a pair of skylights. This brought light and life into a room that was previously pretty drab. In the kitchen we found an oven so old it might have baked the first cookie, so we replaced that with one worthy of this couple’s cooking talents. Also, we installed a banquette and table for in-kitchen dining.

The mid-century bathrooms were dark and dated with no redeeming qualities and nothing salvageable, so they were taken by the wrist and shown the door. In the master bedroom, there was one small dark closet that wasn’t going to make anybody happy. So we borrowed space from an adjacent hallway and made the bedroom feel like an expansive master suite.